2nd International Congress on Multidisciplinary Health Research

Last week, on 9 and 10 April, the 2nd International Congress on Multidisciplinary Health Research was held at University of Jaén.  The congress was organized by the Faculty of Health Sciences and four research groups, including our group:

  • Research Group Ei_bio1_2017 “Food Security”
  • Research group “Care Management and Evaluation of Care Policies in Chronicity, Aging and Palliative Care, CTS-990”
  • Research group “Study Group on Physical Activity, Physiotherapy and Health, CTS-026”
  • Research group “Nursing and healthcare innovations (CuiDsalud), CTS-464”

There were interesting presentations from all the groups that organized the congress, and of course from our group on the 9th in the afternoon, with an inaugural session by Prof. Anna Sandgren on palliative care, followed by the round table discussion on research results of the Nursing and healthcare innovations group (CuiDsalud), with the speakers Prof. Laura Parra Anguita, Prof. Sara Moreno Cámara, Ms. Lourdes Moral Fernández, Ms. Natalia Serrano Ortega and Prof. Mª Dolores López Medina, who presented the results of their researchs on Alzheimer’s disease, family caregivers and umbilical cord care.

Also, members of our group, Prof. Pedro Palomino Moral, Prof. Sara Moreno Cámara and Mr. Ismael Frías Pulido, conducted the workshop to support caregivers of elderly people with dementia/Alzheimer from the Internet.

This meeting was a place for international researchers where research proposals from different areas of health were presented. We hope it will be repeated and continue to improve for future editions.

Round table


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