Because of the world day of pressure ulcers, last November 15 was celebrated at the University of Jaén the 7th World Day for the Prevention of Pressure Ulcers, organized by the Chair of Advanced Studies on Wounds (GNEAUPP-UJA) in collaboration with the University Hospital of Jaen. Some of the members of our group participated, such as Ms. Mª Dolores López Franco, Mr. Pedro Luis Pancorbo Hidalgo and Mr. Francisco Pedro García Fernández.

               During the event:

  • Mr. Juan Francisco Martínez Castillo presented his Final Degree Work, prized by the Chair of Advanced Studies in Wounds to the best Final Degree Work of the University of Jaén, on the terminal ulcer of Kennedy.
  • Ms. Mª Dolores López Franco presented a lecture on “Knowledge in prevention of pressure ulcers: a previous step for the improvement of their care”, presenting part of the results of her thesis: the knowledge related to prevention in UPP held by nurses and auxiliaries from the 7 hospitals participating in the SECOACBA Project.
  • Mr. Juan Francisco Jiménez García, member of the GNEAUPP Advisory Committee, spoke about “The Role of Advanced Practice Nurses in Injury Prevention”, with a comparison of the UPP frequency between Primary Care and Social Health Centers for the years 2015-2017.
  • Mr. Francisco Pereira Becerra, supervisor of the Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery Units of the Jaén Hospital Complex, spoke about “Negative pressure Therapy in the management of chronic lesions”, explaining the wounds where this therapy can be applied, the precautions we must take when we do it and illustrating the benefits it can generate.
  • Dr. Pedro L. Pancorbo Hidalgo, director of the Chair of Advanced Studies on Wounds, presented part of the 5th National Study of Prevalence in Spain: Results in Pediatrics.
  • Dr. Francisco Pedro García Fernández, coordinator of the Chair of Advanced Wound Studies, presented a preview of “GNEAUPP Document 14: ‘What not to do in chronic wounds’: Evidence-based recommendations”, which will be published next week.

This event provided the audience many interesting information, and we hope it will be repeated next year.

Video recording of the event in UJA channel (in Spanish): Video 1       Video 2

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