Assessment of casualties in complex emergencies using drones

On Sunday 3 October, the Nursing and Innovation in Health Care group (CTS-464) and the Jaén Graphics and Geomatics group (TIC-144) of the UJA together with the entrepreneurial project Emergency Medical Drone carried out a practical drone flight exercise in the university surroundings to explore the possibilities of these unmanned aerial vehicles in the field of health emergencies.

A simulated scenario of a traffic accident with three victims was set up, drones were deployed to assess the location and condition of the victims using a remote triage algorithm (ARTS), which was published a few months ago in the journal PLOS ONE. This remote triage system is intended to be useful in multi-victim accidents where initial access to the accident is impossible or dangerous for rescuers.

Further tests will be carried out during this academic year to truly assess the potential of drones in the classification of casualties in health emergencies. More information about this project could be found here.

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