Scales for pressure ulcer risk assessment in the ICUs

Riesgo UCI Gerokomos

A new article from the research group CuiDsalud:

Roca-Biosca A, García-Fernandez FP y cols. Fiabilidad interobservador de las escalas EMINA y EVARUCI en una unidad de cuidados intensivos [Interobserver reliability in EVARUCI and EMINA scales for intensive care unit]. Gerokomos. 2015. 26(1): 24-27.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the interobserver reliability of the scales EMINA and EVARUCI in Intensive Care Unit. Two observers assessed the risk of developing pressure ulcers by EMINA and EVARUCI scales in all patients admitted. The interobserver agreement for the total score EVARUCI and EMINA was measured by intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC). The agreement between the subscales was measured by Kappa. The overall interobserver reliability was very good for EMINA scale (ICC = 0.92) and EVARUCI (ICC = 0.99). The nutrition item of  the EMINA scale presented poor agreement (k = 0.137) while the remaining subscales showed good agreement. On the scale EVARUCI all subscales showed very good agreement.

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