How do you measure nurses’ attitudes towards pressure injuries prevention?

The implementation in the real practice of pressure injuries preventive measures in hospitals and nursing homes is a complex issue. First, nurses and the team need an updated knowledge abouth the recommendations from guidelines. But, knowledge alone is not enough. Almost more important is motivation and a positive attitude towards prevention.

Measuring attitudes is more complex than measuring knowledge. A research team from our group, led by Dr. Mª Dolores López-Franco, has developed a Spanish version of the Attitudes toward Pressure Ulcer instrument (APuP) and has established its structure and psychometric characteristics. This Spanish version of the APuP may be used to explore the attitudes towards the prevention of pressure injuries in Spanish-speaking settings and countries. This questionnaire is available on the SECOACBA Project website.

The paper reporting on the development and validation of this version was published in López-Franco MD, Parra-Anguita L, Comino-Sanz, IM, Pancorbo-Hidalgo PL. Attitudes of Spanish nurses towards Pressure Injury prevention and psichometric characteristics of the Spanish version of the APuP instrument. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health. 2020, 17(22), 8543

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