New group article: Validation of NOC results for acute pain

New article in “Taxonomies and standardized nursing languages”. 

International Journal of Nursing Knowledge just published a new article “Psychometric Testing of the Spanish Version of the Pain Level Outcome Scale in Hospitalized Patients With Acute Pain”, wich authors are “José C. Bellido-Vallejo, María C. Rodríguez-Torres, Isabel M. López-Medina y Pedro L. Pancorbo-Hidalgo”.

Project “PaiNoc”

This study, included on “PaiNoc” project, aims to evaluate psychometric properties and sensibility to change of the Spanish version of the NOC “Level Pain”.

This is the abstract and link to the article:


PURPOSE: This study aims to evaluate the psychometric properties and sensitivity to change of the Spanish version of the Pain Level Outcome Scale.
METHODS: This article applied observational longitudinal validation study with patients suffering from acute pain at three hospitals.
FINDINGS: The study included 73 patients. Inter-rater agreement was kappa =.88 and internal consistency α = .93. Principal components analysis yielded four components that explained 81.86% of the variance; the correlation with the Numerical Pain Intensity Scale was r = −.81.
CONCLUSIONS: The version with 17 indicators shows good psychometric properties and adequate sensitivity to change. A Spanish version of the Pain Level Outcome Scale with 17 indicators is proposed as a structured multidimensional instrument to help nurses choose the most appropriate indicators for assessing patients’ pain.

Psychometric Testing NOC Pain Level

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