Using NOC outcomes for pain assessment

The diffusion of the findings of our project PaiNOC (Validation of the pain-related questionnaires of the Nursing Outcomes Classification in the Spanish context) keeps progressing.

This research project, initiated in 2012,was developed as a doctoral thesis by José Carlos Bellido Vallejo at the University of Jaén. It had the objective of validating and refining 6 of the outcomes of the NOC taxonomy aimed at assessing various aspects of pain, through the creation of Spanish versions and with a reduced set of clinical indicators. You can find more information about this project here.

The findings of the psychometric analysis of 3 of these instruments for assessing pain(NOC) have been published on December 2019:

  • Pain: Disturbing effects. The Spanish version with 17 indicators on three factors (emotional disturbance, physical disturbance and work disturbance) has high content validity (CVI=0.90), high internal consistency (α=0.90) and good inter-observer agreement (κ=0.66).
  • Pain: Adverse psychological response. The Spanish version with 14 indicators on 2 factors (Adverse emotional response and Threat perception) has high content validity (CVI=0.91), good internal consistency (α=0.89) and good inter-observer agreement (κ=0.72).
  • Knowledge: Pain management. The Spanish version with 27 indicators grouped into 2 factors (Knowledge about pain and Non-prescription medicines) shows high content validity (CVI=0.92), high internal consistency (α=0.95) and good inter-observer agreement (κ=0.79).

These tools provide nurses with a set of appropriate indicators to assess the impact of pain on people’s lives, the emotional disturbances it produces, and the knowledge they have about pain self-management.

The articles published are:

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