Clinical validation of Pain-related outcomes from the Nursing Outcome Classification in the Spanish context

Researchers and Institutions:

• José Carlos Bellido Vallejo. University Hospital of Jaen – University of Jaen • Pedro Luis Pancorbo Hidalgo. University of Jaen • Isabel María López Medina. University of Jaen • María del Carmen Rodríguez Torres. University Hospital of Jaen [hr style=dashed-line margin_top= margin_bottom=] [tabgroup titles=”Background and goals, Methods, Results”][tab position=1]Pain is a very frequent symptom. It is an important health problem, that causes both economic cost and suffering to people affected, because of professional care needs and utilization of the health services. Pain measurement and assessment is essential in order to provide relief to pain suffering people. As subjective experience, its assessment is complex, so many instruments have been developed aimed to measure and evaluate it. Nurses have the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC). This classification included six outcomes related with the assessment, measurement and evaluation of pain from different approaches (Pain level, Pain control, Pain: Adverse psychological response, Pain: Disruptive effects, Knowledge: Pain management, Client Satisfaction: Pain Management). These six Outcomes have been validated by researchers from the University of Iowa in the United States. However in Spain, the Spanish versions of theses Outcomes have not been validated properly yet, although they are a widely used tools. The principal goal of the project is: To study the psychometrics proprieties. of the six Pain-related outcomes of the NOC (5th edition) in the context of the Spanish nursing practice. The specific objectives are: • Translation and cultural adaptation to the Spanish context. • To study the reliability, validity and sensitivity to change of these outcomes in Spanish versions, when used in patients with chronic or acute pain.[/tab] [tab position=2]This is a longitudinal, observational validation study involving a number of steps: • Translation, back-translation and Cultural adaptation. • Content validation through a panel of experts (clinician and academic) • Clinical test for the outcome “Pain level” on population of inpatient with acute pain in the province of Jaen. • Clinical test for the outcomes “Pain control; Pain: Adverse psychological response; Pain: Disruptive effects” in population of outpatient with chronic pain on primary care in the province of Jaen. • Clinical test for the outcomes “Knowledge: Pain management; Client Satisfaction: Pain Management” on population both inpatients and outpatients with chronic pain in 3 settings (hospital, primary care and chronic pain units) in the provinces Jaen and Granada.[/tab] [tab position=3]  As a Results of this research project we have developed Spanish versions of the 6 Pain-related Nursing Outcomes (NOC).  They could be downloaded and used by clinicians and researchers, provided adequate citation is made. (Outcome and indicators are in Spanish).

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Additional information:

The project is funded by the Fundación Progreso y Salud (Consejería de Igualdad, Salud y Políticas Sociales de la Junta de Andalucía) (Heath Service. Regional Goverment of Andalucia). Code: FPS PI-0543-2011.