Research in nursing: collaboration between hospital and university works

Within the V cycle of lectures on postgraduate education, the Master’s Degree in Health Sciences of Universidad de Jaén arranged a lecture at the University of Jaén, on Monday 19 March, aimed at postgraduate students (master’s degree and doctorate) and the university community in general.

The speaker was Dr. José Carlos Canca Sánchez, nurse,  and Director of Nursing at the Costa del Sol Hospital in Málaga. He shared his experience in collaborative research in nursing care in the healthcare field, through the development of the so-called MOICES Model. This model is based on the empowerment of nursing managers and nurses to increase scientific production in hospitals and the training of nurses to increase knowledge about health care, throught the collaboration with the department of Nursing of thed University of Malaga.

With the application of this model, the Costa del Sol Hospital in 10 years has managed to get 20 nursing supervisors and staff nurses to end their PhD theses, and with them, the implementation of new protocols of action.

It is hoped that this model will advance the nursing profession. Do you think this model would be repeatable in your hospital?

Manuel Linares Abad and José Carlos Canca Sánchez


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