How to measure the knowledge about Pressure Injuries Prevention?

The need for tools to measure the knowledge about pressure injury prevention arises both in research studies and in the evaluation of the efficacy of training programmes. Numerous questionnaires and scales have been developed for this purpose, in different contexts and countries.

With the aim of identifying these tools and knowing their properties, Mª Dolores López-Franco conducted a structured review of the literature (within the SECOACBA project (Patient Safety, Knowledge, Attitudes and Barriers towards the prevention of pressure injuries), which is being developed by this research group).

The review has identified seven questionnaires to measure knowledge about pressure injury prevention, aimed at nurses, which can be used in a variety of settings. Only one of them offers a Spanish version. The 2 most used in published studies are: Pieper Pressure Ulcer Knowledge Test (PPKUT) and Pressure Ulcer Knowledge Assessment Tool (PUKAT). The psychometric evaluation data (reliability and validity) of these instruments have also been analysed, so that they may be useful in future research.

The article can be read (Open access) in:  López-Franco, MD; Pancorbo-Hidalgo, PL. Instrumentos de medición de los conocimientos sobre prevención de las úlceras por presión: revisión de la literatura. Gerokomos. 2019. 30 (2): 98-106.


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