Family caregivers: better leisure time, less subjetive burden and less depression

ocioThe journal Atencion Primaria just have published the online advance for the article by Rafael del-Pino and C. Ordoñez, with results of their research on the topic of Caregivers and informal and family care. It is a study over a random sample of 200 primary caregivers of dependent elderly relatives, developed on primary care centers in the province of Cordoba (Spain). The study explores the effects of Satisfaction with leisure time on different caregivers’ variables , such as: Subjective burden, anxiety, depression and objective burden (functional capacity, cognitive impairment and behavioral problems of the care recipient, and dedication to care).

An inverse statistical association was found between satisfaction with leisure time and subjective burden (r = -0.55; 95% CI -0.45 to -0.64); anxiety (r= -0.30, 95%CI: -0.17 to -0.41) and depression (r= -0.25, 95%CI: -0.11 to -0.37). These associations remained after adjustment for objective burden.

The researchers conclude that Satisfaction with leisure time can have a protective effect on subjective burden, anxiety and depression; regardless of the objective burden.
The reference of the article is (full text in Spanish):  del-Pino-Casado R, Ordónez-Urbano C. Efectos de la satisfacción con el tiempo de ocio en personas cuidadoras de familiares mayores dependientes.[Effects of satisfaction with leisure time in family carers of elderly dependents]. Aten Primaria. 2015.

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