Interventions that professors can make in the face of pre-examination anxiety

Anxiety is a state of mind that university students often experience in exam situations, which can have a negative impact on their grades. Therefore, professors from the CuiDsalud Research Group decided to evaluate the effect of different relaxation techniques on exam anxiety among nursing students a few minutes before taking the exam of the course Health Administration and Care Management at the University of Jaen.

For this purpose, a factorial study with a post-intervention measurement was carried out with three groups of nursing students. One group used the complete yoga breathing relaxation technique (abdominal, thoracic and clavicular), another used a social support technique, and the last group did not receive any intervention.

Some relevant findings were that 98.2% of the students showed a moderate-high level of anxiety. In addition, it was observed that students with moderate levels of anxiety scored higher on the subject test.

This research shows us the importance of starting to work on this anxiety from the beginning of the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, trying to improve students’ confidence in their abilities.

To consult all the findings, this research can be found in: Ortega-Donaire L, Álvarez-García C, López-Franco MD, Sanz-Martos S. Effectiveness of Guided reathing and Social Support for the Reduction of Pre-Exam Anxiety in University Students: A Factorial Study . Healthcare. 2023;11:574

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