PhD thesis: Determinants of anxiety in relatives caregivers of elderly dependents

PhD student, thesis director and court.

Mrs. Margarita Pérez Cruz, defended last June 29 her PhD thesis, entitled “Determinants of anxiety in relatives caregivers of elderly dependents”. This PhD thesis was directed by Rafael del Pino Casado. And it is a contribution to the line of research Family and informal care and caregivers.

The aim of this work is to investigate the relationships between anxiety and stress, coping and subjective overload and to contribute to the definition of factors related to anxiety among family caregivers of dependent elderly people. This research was considered, since, despite the studies analyzing factors related to anxiety in caregivers, there is insufficient evidence on this topic. Therefore, a descriptive cross – sectional study was designed, in which data were collected from 270 family caregivers, and analyzed using descriptive statistics, correlation coefficients and trajectory analysis.


PhD student and her director

Thus, this study has been able to show that the objective burden, dysfunctional coping and subjective overload were related to anxiety. Subjective overload mediates the relationship between dysfunctional coping and anxiety. And the effect of dysfunctional coping on anxiety was independent of the objective load.

The full text can be seen in the repository soon. And the articles that have left this thesis are:


Del Pino-Casado R, Pérez-Cruz M, Frías-Osuna A. Coping, subjetive burden and anxiety among family caregivers of olders dependents. Journal of Clinical Nursing. 2014. 23: 3335-3344.

DOI: 10.1111/jocn.12561

Pérez-Cruz M, Muñoz-Martínez MA, Parra-Anguita L, Del Pino-Casado R. Coping and subjective burden in primary caregivers of dependent elderly relatives in Andalusia, Spain. Atención Primaria. 2017.


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