Pressure ulcers in mankind’s history

Do you know that the first written record of pressure ulcers is dated in Hippocrates age? This fact, along with some key facts related with the history of pressure ulcers and their framework, is featured in an article in the latest issue of Gerokomos in 2017:

Torra-Bou JE, Verdú-Soriano J, Sarabia-Lavin R, Paras-Bravo P, Soldevilla-Ágreda JJ, López-Casanova P y García-Fernández FP. A contribution to the historic framework of pressure ulcers. Gerokomos. 2017;28(3):151-7.

Through a narrative review, members of GNEAUPP and CuiDsalud review the pressure ulcers in the mandkind’s history from the Ancient, Renaissance, 19th century to the modern age.

Drawing of UPP by Charcot. a. mortified portion. b. erythema
Conceptual factors in the aetiology of UPP development


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