PhD in Healthcare and Health Services

The research group CuiDsalud from Universidad de Jaén (Spain), plus 7 research groups, will develop the PhD Programme inter-universities Healthcare and Health Services by Universidad de Vic- Universidad Central de Cataluña; Universidad de Lleida; Universidad de Jaén y el Instituto de Salud Carlos III. This programme has been approved by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, and is expected to be working the next academic year 2015-16 at the 3 universities that support it.

 It is an innovative design for developing doctorate level research in the field of health, but with a multidisciplinary perspective and a strong interest in collaboration between academic and research institutions. This PhD programme is offered to students with degrees in Health Sciences or in Social Sciences with a focus on health.


It is structured upon 3 main research topics:

–          Chronicity, dependency and community health

–          Health services and the use of research-outcomes in health

–          Social politics and practices in health


There are a number of research groups and teams supporting this programme:

–          Inclusive societies, politics and communities. UVic-UCC

–          Bio-informatics and medical statistic. UVic-UCC

–          Sport and physical activity. UVic-UCC

–          Society, health, education and culture. UdL

–          Physical activity, physiotherapy and health. UJA

–          Genre, dependence and social exclusion. UJA

–          Nursing and innovation in healthcare. UJA

–          Unit of Research en Healthcare. Investen-Isciii


In addition, the programme has collaboration of international researchers from Universidad Federal del Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); University of South Wales, University of West of England (UK); University of Toronto (Canada).


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