Nursing researcher Mª Pilar Ureña visits Universidad de Jaén

MPilar.UreñaDuring this month (2015, December) Lic Ms Maria Pilar Ureña, lecturer and leader of the Research group “Nursing Care – GICE” at the Francisco de Paula Santander University, from San Jose de Cucuta (Colombia), makes a visit to the University of Jaén as invited researcher with our research group “Nursing and innovation in healthcare” CuiDsalud.

The goals for this initiative are: to know the research topics of both groups, establishing cooperation agreements in teaching and research and to develop joint research. The Nursing Care group works on 3 topics: Concept of care; Models and practice of nursing in the individual and in groups; Care Management.

The establishment of collaborative networks with other groups in the field of Care, both nationally and internationally, is especially important to improve the visibility of Nursing research.


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