Environmental sustainability issues in nurse education


The NurSus TOOLKIT Project team, with participation of researcher from our CuiDsalud group, recently have published a paper comparing student nurses attitudes towards climate change and sustainability across four European Countries (United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and Switzerland).


The study was a comparative survey design using the Sustainability Attitudes in Nursing Survey (SANS_2) questionnaire, with five sustainability-related items. The results showed significant differences between countries with German nursing students showing more sustainability awareness than students from the UK and Spain.

As conclusions, the authors stated that:Jaén2_20150716

  • SANS_2 is a reliable instrument to assess nursing students’ sustainability awareness.
  • There are significant differences in sustainability awareness of students of different European countries.
  • Sustainability will become increasingly important in clinical practice; greater knowledge about the attitudes of nurses towards sustainability can support the development and testing of sustainability-focused teaching and learning materials.

More information, both in Spanish and English,  about this project in the web site of our Research group CuiDsalud. (here)

The referencie is:  Janet Richardson, Thomas Heidenreich, Carmen Álvarez-Nieto, Fabienne Fasseur, Jane Grose, Norma Huss, Maud Huynen, Isabel M. López-Medina, Angélick Schweizer. Including sustainability issues in nurse education: A comparative study of first year student nurses’ attitudes in four European countries. Nurse Education Today. 2015. doi:10.1016/j.nedt.2015.11.005

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