How to measure nurses’ knowledge about the prevention of pressure injuries?

Pressure injuries (also called pressure ulcers, although skin ulceration does not always occur) remain a major problem in health care. Healthcare professionals have clinical guidelines that make recommendations for prevention; however, these recommendations are often not well known to professionals.

In this research group CuiDsalud, a project (SECOACBA) has been underway for some years to analyse the influence of knowledge, attitude and barriers perceived by nurses in the prevention of pressure injuries. This project, led by Dr. Mª Dolores López-Franco, is already generating its first results. One of the contributions has been a new questionnaire that allows to measure the knowledge about the prevention of pressure injuries, in a reliable and consistent manner.

This tool, called the Pressure Injury Prevention Knowledge Questionnaire (PIPK), has been validated using Item Response Theory methodology, with Rasch analysis, which has allowed for finer adjustment in item selection. The initial validation study was conducted on more than 400 nurses and assistant nursing technicians at the University Hospital of Jaén.

The paper describing the development of the questionnaire is avalaible on: López-Franco, M.D.; Parra-Anguita, L.; Comino-Sanz, I.M.; Pancorbo-Hidalgo, P.L. Development and Psychometric Properties of the Pressure Injury Prevention Knowledge Questionnaire in Spanish Nurses. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2020, 17, 3063.


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