Context as facilitator of Evidence-based nursing implementation

The implementation of Evidence-based Nursing in health care institutions is a complex issue. The PARIHS framework (Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Service model) could be used as a guide to implement the evidence. Despite the large number of studies focusing on this topic, there is no document that synthetisizes the experiences of nurses about the process of implementing EBN.

Dr. Isabel M. López-Medina has supervised a research aimed to develop a meta-synthesis of nurses’ experiences from the perspective of the PARIHS framework. Four categories have been found: institutional support, multidisciplinary support, culture of improving quality of care and use of research.

This meta-synthesis provides valuable information on how the environment or context can facilitate the changes in health care institutions.

The article is: Clavijo-Chamorro MZ, Sanz-Martos S, Gómez-Luque A, Romero-Zarallo G, López-Medina IM. Context as a facilitator of the implementation of evidence-based nursing: a meta-synthesis. Western J. Nurs. Research. 2020.

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