Use of drones for triage in medical emergencies

Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) are a technology that is being introduced quickly into various areas of human activity. In the field of medical emergencies and disasters, they are playing an increasingly significant role in assisting emergency team professionals.

The use of drones in the early phase of the emergency intervention can improve the efficacy, by performing the classification (triage) , even before the arrival of the first responders to the site.

This is the objective that leads a research that has started at the University of Jaén, through a collaboration between our group “Nursing and innovation in healthcare” and Emergency Medical Drone, called Drones for triage in medical emergencies.

This project focuses on the development and validation of a triage algorithm that can be implemented using drones (Aerial Remote Triage System). During the next months we expect to obtain and publish the results of the first phase of this research.




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