The european NurSus TOOLKIT project won Guardian University Awards 2018

A sustainability project carry out by Universidad de Jaén won a prestigious award

The Guardian University Awards recognize the universities that inspire students and transform communities. Teaching students in creative ways, expanding the limits of human knowledge with blue-skies research and turning big ideas into products and services that improve lives.

Its objective is all about celebrating the multi-faceted institutions that universities are, and the innovative ways they are updating themselves to meet the demands of an inclusive, diverse, digital world. These awards have 16 categories and one of them is Sustainability project where was listed as finalist the NurSusTOOLKIT project, some weeks ago. The award ceremony was holding on 24 April, and finally NurSusTOOLKIT project won the prize.

The toolkit is the outcome of a three-year collaboration between the Universidad de Jaén, Plymouth University (united Kingdom), University of Esslingen (Germany) and University of Maastricht (the Netherlands), funded by European Union programme Erasmus+.

This project has developed an online platform provides a host of materials to put climate change and sustainability at the heart of healthcare training. Providing free extensive and comprehensive teaching materials on sustainability and health, the toolkit offers lectures and activities that can be adapted to meet the needs of students studying subjects such as midwifery, environment, public health, and health planning and management, although at first it was designed for nursing students.

For example, one exercise asks students to consider how they could continue to deliver healthcare if equipment made from plastic was no longer available. Other activities are designed to make links between staying healthy and caring for the environment.

The content of the toolkit is based on evidence from literature, nurse education experts and student groups, and is available in six languages – English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch and Polish.

Climate change is the biggest strategic threat to public health in the 21st Century. It is needed to make sustainability a core dimension of quality of care, and this NurSusTOOLKIT is important for the education of nurses to help them do exactly that.

In the nursing field this project was vital due to the fact that nurse educators are currently poorly prepared to teach students about the connections between resources, climate change, sustainability and health, and this new toolkit can help change that. Nursing is one of the largest professions in the world; nurses can act as powerful agents for change in the use of health resources. Although climate change is a huge challenge in health care, this new resource, and its unique opportunity to integrate sustainability within nursing curricula, will help nurses and health professionals face it.

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