25 years of research in the University of Jaén

The University of Jaén has 25 years. As a commemoration, there is an exhibition to show the activity made in these years by the different research groups, which can be seen at the Bernabe Soriano Street in Jaén until May 4th.

This is the panel of our research group for this exhibition, which summarizes the topics and themes of research and projects carried out.





We research to improve your health and quality of life


Research topics are:

  • Pressure ulcers and chronic wounds. The results have improved the prevention of these injuries for people at hospitals and the quality of care they receive. In collaboration with GNEAUPP, the SECLARED website has been created to train professionals in the correct identification of these injuries.
  • Caregivers and family care. The reasons, needs and health problems of family carers of people with dementias and advanced chronic diseases have been studied. Results helps the collective of family caregivers to cope with the care of these patients and reduce problems such as depression and anxiety.
  • Research and evidence implementation in clinical practice.  Hospital organization has been studied to improve nursing care; also staff knowledge and beliefs about the use of evidence.
  • Women and health.  Some projects to study umbilical cord dropping and newborn care; prevention of cracks in breastfeeding; reproductive health of immigrant women. Patented a protective device for the clitoral area to protect women from injuries during childbirth.
  • Childhood, young people and health.  Studies on pregnancy and maternal role in adolescents in Jaén and adolescents in Colombia identifying factors to prevent them. Also on alcohol and tobacco use in adolescents, with the aim to propose an effective intervention programme.
  • eHealth. Quality assessment of information in websites about Alzheimer’s disease care  for caregivers and for the  population.
  • Health in the elderly. A project has studied the knowledge of the staff of nursing homes in Jaén for the care of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. It will improve the care of people with dementia.
  • Enviromental health.  The environment, climate change and its effects on health have been studied in a European project with universities from the UK, Holland and Germany to include these topics in nursing programmes.



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