Taxonomy NOC for assessing patients with chronic pain

The control of chronic pain is a major challenge for patients and health care professionals. Due to this fact, a recent study (the paiNoc project) decided to culturally adapt the Nursing Outcomes Classification outcome ‘‘Pain control’’ (PC) to the Spanish health care setting and to analyze its psychometric properties and sensitivity to change.

The researchers got that the new Spanish version of ‘‘Pain control’’ was semantically equivalent to the original, with a mean content validity index of 0.96. They carry out a clinical study included 88 patients with long-term pain. Thirteen indicators were organized into two components. There was divergent but not convergent validity with the Change Pain Scale and Brief Pain Inventory. Between-observer agreement was k = 0.48 and internal consistency was alfa = 0.85. No differences were found between mean baseline and final scores. The Spanish version of ‘‘Pain control,’’ culturally adapted and structured in two components (13 indicators), is useful to assess and monitor pain control in patients with chronic pain.

The study reference is: Bellido-Vallejo JC, Pancorbo-Hidalgo PL. Cultural Adaptation and Psychometric Evaluation of the Spanish Version of the Nursing Outcome “Pain Control” in Primary Care Patients with Chronic Pain. Pain Manag Nurs. In press 2017, 1-14.

The full text is not available, but the abstract can be read at:




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