Twitter, Sustainability and Nursing


Researchers from the NurSus Toolkit Project team have just published in Journal Of Advanced Nursing an interesting article reporting an experience of a discussion hosted in social networks (Twitter). The topic was Sustainability, climate change, health and its implications for Nursing.

In the Twitter discussion participated 119 people from several European countries, mostly were Nursing students. This initiative proves that the social network could be an useful tool for engage students with projects and to promote reflection and debate.


After a thematic analysis of the tweets, the authors have identified several important topics for the participating students.

Sustainability appears to be important for nurses, with a particular emphasis on resource use and the importance of sustainability topics in nurse education

Janet Richardson, Jane Grose, Pam Nelmes, Gema Parra, Manuel Linares. Tweet if you want to be sustainable: a thematic analysis of a Twitter chat to discuss sustainability in nurse education. Journal of Advanced Nursing. 2016. 72(5) : 1086–1096. DOI: 10.1111/jan.12900


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