Management of first and second grade burns in primary care

Recently, an article was published in Gerokomos. It analyze the evidence of the treatments used in first and second degree burns in primary care. 23 articles have been included in this review, and it makes the following recommendations for practice:

  • Silver sulfadiazine should only be used in infected burns and as the last therapeutic step.
  • The first step should be dressings based on moist wound healing, selected according to the burn exudate.
  • In the event that the burn becomes infected, it is recommended to use silver or cadexomer iodine dressings; if the burn remains infected, silver sulfadiazine will be used last, as it is effective against all bacteria and would avoid the multiple side effects it has from the continued application of this treatment.

You can find the full article (Spanish) at  Rocío Jiménez Serrano and Francisco Pedro García Fernández. Management of first and second grade burns in primary care. Gerokomos. 2018;29(1):45-51.

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